How will you be navigating COVID at the wedding?

  1. In planning for our wedding, we carefully selected outdoor locations with indoor options for both our welcome party and wedding.
  2. The welcome party will be held at a taproom with two outdoor patios and an indoor bar with two garage doors that will be rolled up to enable an open air environment.
  3. The wedding ceremony and reception will be held at a restaurant with two large outdoor patios. We must have a thing for garage doors, because the indoor bar also has multiple garage doors leading to the front outdoor patio, so air will able to move freely throughout.
  4. There will be no formal sit down dinner. Guests will be allowed to come and go, getting food at their leisure. They will have the option to sit where they please, whether that is at one of the picnic tables, under the maple trees, or by the bocce courts.
  5. We are vaccinated and we recommend that all guests get the vaccine.
  6. If you have already RSVP'd and you no longer feel comfortable attending our wedding -- please just let us know asap -- we will not be offended if you cannot come!
  7. If you are experiencing any symptoms leading up to the event, please send your regrets. Again, we will not be offended at all if you cannot attend.
  8. If you are unvaccinated, we kindly ask that you wear a mask if navigating indoors to the bar or bathroom.

What is the attire for the event?

  1. For the welcome party:
  2. Attire: Casual. Men: Business causal, no jacket required. Women: No bikinis please, otherwise wear what you like!
  3. For the wedding:
  4. Attire: Casual cocktail attire. Men: Pants and jackets with an optional tie. Women: Dresses or a fun jumpsuit. Note: The outdoor patios do have gravel so stilettos are not recommended; think chunky heel instead.

Will transportation be provided to the event?

  1. Yes! We will have 2 mini coach buses picking up at the Holiday Inn Express location in South End starting at 3:30 PM. Buses will depart by 3:45 PM.
  2. If you do not feel comfortable taking a bus, you can always drive at park at the Goodyear House (There is street parking and nearby garages).
  3. You can also uber or take the light rail to the 36th Street Station (0.3 mile walk).